The Seething Community Sports Day


Saturday 20th May 2017

                 Get ready for the Community Sports Day 2014.    

This event was last held in 1952 and we were delighted when the last surviving winner of the ‘Ganderson’ was there in 2011 as we brought the Seething Community Sports Day back to life. In 2012 the winning Guild was the Ancient Guild of Talcum Miners. In 2013 there was a tie for first place with the Ancient Guilds of Cheesemakers and Talcum Miners picking up the trophy

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  1. *The Houses of Seething were made from the Ancient Guilds

The Cheesemakers, The Taxonomists, The Talcum Miners, The Curriers,

The Water Bearers,  and The Fishers (rarely used in the Seething Community Sports Day)

At the 2013 event the Guilds represented were the Cheesemakers, Talcum Miners, Fishers and the Water Bearers and Taxonomists combined

You can learn about the Ancient Guilds by clicking here

With thanks to

Kingston Council, The Seething Community, The Lamb, Main Kitchen Supplies, Maggie, Tangle Photography, and The Community Brain

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